31 thoughts on “Greece

    • I am glad Carol! I am new here and I still learn how to “like” or “follow” a post or change privacy settings for certain posts.. I think we will work all together one thing at a time πŸ™‚

      • Hi Angeliki,
        It only worked from your My Opera Post when I was logged into my WordPress account. Odd.
        I’m new as of today so I’m still learning.
        There is a video I think I will watch later to see if I can get to know this more. πŸ™‚
        Hope to see you on my blog here.

  1. stunning to dine like this… a bottle of retsina, the poetry of the acropolis in the distance. and thou, meli (the magnificent) beside me…. and then the world is no longer a wilderness.

  2. Got you too!
    What a mess with MyOpera…, hating WordPress (all the same and $$$).
    FWIW: I am with Weebly (in Dutch), but need to make an English site still.

    • immigrant here too! not only from Opera BUT from Greece to America LOL
      my kid did read something I was writing to a Greek and she started crying. She said “mom you writing in Greek is so amazing! even if I do not understand everything, it is like majic! how on earth can you give up your own language and write in English?” I only had to say.
      “It will be all Greek to my friends” and we started laughing LOL. Great seeing you here!

  3. Hey Angeliki.. Please don’t go to publish my previous comment.. Just a testing, a simple tangled mess in fact… (giggle)

    Told your friends that if they want a Full View of your Blog, they can click over the View Original Option in the Toolbar of that small Window.

    They will be redirect to you Home page.

    • LOL I love when conversations go on and I am in the dark! I am still practicing πŸ™‚ I think I lost a couple of my posts here πŸ˜€ well, I do have a chance liking some posts here and time will tell…

      • AnjΓ‘! You do like lurking… (lol)

        It’s funny just to testing/experimenting.. I think everybody from MyOpera (Us –The Refugees) are going in the same mood… We have been obliged. (shrug)

        Anyway, it’s a true pleasure to stay in contact with our friends no matter where.. through the Web

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